Introducing Newslang, the Easy Way to Learn Spanish

Bienvenidos! Today we are excited to announce the launch of the new iOS app, Newslang.

Newslang takes a fresh approach to learning a foreign language by incorporating itself right into one of your daily habits — reading the news.

You know the feeling of being excited to learn a foreign language after returning from traveling. You download some apps, maybe take some classes, but a whopping 78% of speakers will remain English-only speakers in America. In fact, only 11% will go on to successfully speak on another language fluently at all. *American Academy of Arts and Sciences

It’s a commitment problem, and Newslang is on a mission to solve it. The app teaches you foreign vocabulary while you read your daily news. It gives you context so you can easily remember these new, foreign words.

Newslang makes language learning easy by scanning each article in your news feed, and then occasionally substituting a word for it’s Spanish translation (with French, Italian, and German coming soon). And to reinforce the words you have learnt, we occasionally quiz you with flashcards as you scroll through your newsfeed.

And with access to tens of thousands of news sources, and thousands of translations, Newslang can comprehensively expand your foreign vocabulary. So say goodbye to constant app switching and hello to effortless education.

If you love Newslang, you can help us build its community and share our passion of travel and language learning. Download the app here on the App Store (and don’t forget to tell your fellow language lovers about it!).