Newslang teaches you a new language...
while you read your daily news.

Newslang makes learning a new language easy.

Now available in Spanish (with German, French, Italian, and many more coming soon)
What is Newslang?
Newslang is an inventive learning app for iOS that turns your daily news reading habit into an educational activity to bolster your foreign language vocabulary.

Newslang solves the 2 issues that plague language learners — Practicing consistently is hard, and vocabulary is learned out of context.

Now you can practice easily and see vocabulary in the context of your native language.
Why language learners love us:
"It's one my favorite ways to stay informed, with the benefit of learning another language." - Jake
Say goodbye to constant app switching and hello to effortless education.
Newslang combines your news reader and language learning apps into one platform.
Extra extra, read all about it!
News features
  • Star your favorite articles to read later
  • Subscribe to 35,000+ news sources
  • Get context of foreign words in relevant news articles
Lang features
  • Translate 3,000+ words in your news feed
  • Tap and hold to hear how a word is pronounced
  • Answer flashcards to reinforce your new vocabulary
Newslang — your perfect travel companion
Planning a trip to a new country?

Easily familiarize yourself with the local language before you go.
Language learning in the palm of your hand.
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