5 Easy Ways to Learn Spanish Before Your Trip to Spain

Five easy ways to learn spanish

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Let’s dive into the Top 5 Ways to Learn Spanish Before Your Trip to Spain! (Don't want to read the rest? The 5 ways are: subtitles, childrens books, foreign music, intercambio groups, and Newslang)

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The 5 easiest way to learn Spanish

So with all of these options, we will see you soon in Spain. Or stay tuned for a future article about some of the best beaches in Spain. If you’re lucky you may be able to make it here before the close of the season.

If you’d like to prepare and practice your Spanish vocabulary before your, download and use the Newslang app. Newslang is an inventive learning app for iOS that turns your daily news reading habit into an educational activity to bolster your foreign language vocabulary. It’s currently available in Spanish so you can explore and indulge in the culture, sites, and cuisine the moment you arrive in Madrid.